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Shes Poppin shes rollin, shes rollin <33

not a lot goin on with me lately..
just been playing basketball at joe dumars
and im kinda talkin to this kid AL...
but i dont get to see him till saturday:(

my winter break was pretty fun
besides the fact that im ganna beat the shit
outta kaite muirs ass. im so done with that
stupid bitch runnin her mouth.. but shes
scared and wont fight me.. shes gettin it tho.
trust me.

today im going to hang out with TJ for a lil bit
then im goin to the game at mt.clemens to tape.
...hope its not a blow out .lol

tomorrow im pretty sure i have to tape some meeting @7:00
im not sure for what but its either uptown or at marine city
..not ganna be fun at all... && im pissed cuz i wanted to go
visit jon with sandra today.. (i wish i never woulda signed up
for tv studio.. its sooo time consuming)

&& this weekend shall be fun.. i have to coach my biddy ball team
but its our last game:(:( .. then im ganna hang out with AL
and on sunday im goin to Joe Dumars with Kisha!

hope my weekend is as fun as i planned it to be.
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