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Im in luv with a stripper

so im in newspaper right now..
pretty gay i must say..

uhm nothing to much going on
going to the new haven basketball
game later with sarah and kisha
shall be fun!!

uhm so i made up this rap.
and i think that it is pretty neat.
i just might post it a little later

yah me sarah kisha jen and possible
aubin and stacy are ganna do this
league at joe dumars.... its ganna be
soo fun. i love it there

yah ..so im done with guys
not really ..but im done letting myself
get hurt... i always do this to myself
thus i am retarded...
boys confuse me...

note to self::
*listen to sandra when she tells me which
guys are the good ones and which are the bad
*Spalding is my boyfriend...so dont try to
talk to other guys.

okay well im done...
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