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hello again

wow..its been about 3824930 days since i updated this thingy.but anyways.. how has everyone been?

this is what has been up with me:
*I live at danielles house now(permenetly)
*Me and Alvin have been together for 5 months
& im the happiest ive ever been!
*Basketball starts July 5th(im sooo excited)
*My ankle is still messed up(not lookin good)
*Katie Muir & Nikki Dinello are ganna get their asses kicked for shooting at me and sandra.
*Im a senior now! woooo woooo

but thats about it for now.. leave some love or sumthin if u wanna hang out or sumthin.. im pretty free most of the time. or if u want the number to contact me its 810 794 7805. love & miss everyone!!

<33 J.HaCk
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