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BaBy yOu sHouLD LeT mE [[LoVe]] YoU ♥

Sittin in Newspaper right now, next to lovely Sandra!

Yeah ..I think i have to go up north this weekend, which blows
cuz i dont wanna go.. but im tryin to see if i can stay
with sandra at her house for the weekend.. gives me more freedom
and i get to hang out with her:) .. but while shes at work Im
ganna go visit Alvin. & im introducing them to eachother, cuz
I need to make sure she thinks hes a good guy. Cuz shes always
been right bout my previous boyfriends..or guys that ive talked
to.. but i just never listen..and i find out the hard way.
But im like 99.9% positive that she'll like & approve!

Sooo yeah, theres no way i can go up north.. lol she has to meet
him and i have to have a good weekend with one of my best friends/&boyfriend!

..Still playing basketball... bout 3-4 times a week. which is awesome & i
love it. ..yesterday i went up to the high school for a couple hours
and played and shot around with Chelsey.. ive missed her.. We fell apart
when i was dating my ex.. and now we are starting to build back our
friendship.. Yeah i had to do that with everyone, cuz everyone hated me
when i was with him, but they had every reason too.. im just soo
happy thats over with now.:):):)

well im ganna go to lunch.

[[I mIsS AlViN]]..a lot.
(i get to see him tomorrow)
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