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well havent updated in a while....
been a busy gal.

so ive been focusing on basketball a lot.
i go to joe dumars and play there bout
3 times a week. at least.. i try for 4 tho.
things are going well with that.
and i think im starting to get a lot better
and that i can play with the guys' better too.

im not really talking or dating anyone right now
because ive been just focusing on basketball.
but i still go out on weekends with diff. guys
and my girl friends and just gave a good time
& im soo happy with all that now.
i have more fun than ive ever had before
life is treating me great.
and i dont need a boyfriend, they just cause stress

My friends = GREAT!
i ♥ Sandra & Kisha the most.

anyways im bout to go to lunch..
i shall update in a day or soo
comments <33
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