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& i gatta admit that u got my attention, ya makin me wanna say "yo"

yeah nothin to much goin on right now
dont feel like updating much
but thought id write a little something

AAU...well sucks..cuz i think yesterday
was our last tourney cuz everyone has to
be gay and not go to any practices and
no one wants to coach us... its like wtf

& i cant move my body like at all cuz i
played 3 games straight and didnt sit..
cuz we only had 6 girls..yah what a team we have..

but me and kisha wanna get a team for joe
dumars..but that costs a lotta money..
its stressful..i just wish basketball
was free and i could do it whenever i want

uhhmm Kisha & Sandra are like my best friends
i dont like that term "best friends"
but they truley are! i love them..♥ x 238498

thats all im updating bout..
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