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yessir im in 4th hour.(Newspaper)
just finished my two stories..
waiting to recieve them back for corrections.

Today is going by fast, & easy.
& i love it. I love days like this
I wish it was always like this..

So my busy weekend is coming up
..starts tomorrow. & i cant wait
I love when i have things to look
forward too! ..i hate not doing anything.

Friday-Tape Basketball Game @ Capac.
I'll be home around 11...then going to bed

Saturday- waking up at 8a.m. ... coaching
biddy ball till 12. then going home
cleaning, getting ready & hopefully
leaving at about 5 o'clock..so id be out
at Al's by 6. we're going to see glory road
(which is ganna be fricken awesome) and then
me n al are either going to some party or
going back to his house with his friends
and watching movies and just hanging out
staying the night out there.. but then
waking up at 7 a.m. on sunday morning

Sunday- FIRST AAU TOURNEY!!! im sooo freakin
excited! ..but omg..Jackie Highstreet tore her
ACL ..which sucks soo bad cuz shes like one
of our best girls..and she's our center. i cried
when i found out too..
our first game is at 8:30..gatta be there at 8.
then we have two more games at like 11 and 1:30
...i cant wait!! .. and i hope sandra n jon
still go... but they probably wont want to.

well thats about it i suppose..
im ganna eat my twizlers now.
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