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In first hour..
we're not doing anything
so i thought id update

i dont really feel good right now
..i feel like im ganna get sick
& i dont know why..
i had an orange and some water
..but maybe i need to eat more
i better feel good by 4 oclock.
cuz i get to go see Al:)
and hang out with my girlys!!

Yeah im ganna go home and clean and
then go to sandras help her clean and
then we are ganna get ready, to go to
Alberts game!! im so excited...im making
him a shirt next hour. well im wearing it
to his game, but it represents him and his
number, yeah i hope it looks sa-weet!!
im driving, and me and sandra are ganna
pick up maybe danielle if she decides to go
and then kisha and rachel. its ganna be fun
all of us hanging out!!

yeah...but im even more excited about this sat.
im leaving here at like 5, im ganna drop off
sandra somewhere in madison heights and then im
going to see Al and we are going to see that new
basketball movie, "Glory Road"..omg its ganna be
soooo good!! and then we are going to some party,maybe
and after that we are coming back to his house and
watching basketball and scary movies, till we fall
asleep.. im staying the night at his house and i have
a tournament at troy athens on sunday...

My first AAU tournament is on sunday, and im soooo
incredibly happy! i love AAU, and i missed it soo much!
our first game is at 8:30.. so that means i have to leave
Al's at like 7.. so i have enough time to go pick up Sandra
and be at my tourney by 8. yesss this is ganna be soo
much friggen fun. gawsh.. three days im looking forward too
which is totally sweet, cuz im never looking forward to
do anything.

okay well i think im done now.
but just leave me some comments
cuz i ♥ you, and you ♥ me

<333 HaCK
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