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I really like, what [[YoU*vE]] done to me [entries|friends|calendar]
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[02 Oct 2007|12:57am]

havent posted in this thing i forever!
whats a goin on everyone?
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HAVENT POSTED AN ENTRY IN LIKE A YEAR... [04 Apr 2007|09:54pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

i completley forgot i had a livejournal
and i just so happened to remember my password lol

this is rather exciting lol
does anyone even post entries anymore!??

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Heeeyyyyyyyy [07 Jul 2006|12:42pm]
Hey guess what!!!

i got my first job
its at the new ice cream place in the A-Town
*Cheryls Custard*

im soooo happy:):):):)

thats all
♥ Jessica
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hello again [25 Jun 2006|09:44pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

wow..its been about 3824930 days since i updated this thingy.but anyways.. how has everyone been?

this is what has been up with me:
*I live at danielles house now(permenetly)
*Me and Alvin have been together for 5 months
& im the happiest ive ever been!
*Basketball starts July 5th(im sooo excited)
*My ankle is still messed up(not lookin good)
*Katie Muir & Nikki Dinello are ganna get their asses kicked for shooting at me and sandra.
*Im a senior now! woooo woooo

but thats about it for now.. leave some love or sumthin if u wanna hang out or sumthin.. im pretty free most of the time. or if u want the number to contact me its 810 794 7805. love & miss everyone!!

<33 J.HaCk

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[[Ms.New Booty]] [27 Mar 2006|07:57am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

hmmm.. lets see
i never really update in here anymore
& i dont know why...but heres an update

nothing too much going on with me
right now im currently in like a boot brace
lol..its for my ankle cuz i messed it up playing
basketball 8 days ago.. soo i dont no whats
wrong with it yet.

im currently still with my boyfriend alvin
things are good.. ooh i met his mom yesterday too
that was kinda interesting. lol

uhh yesterday i went to chelseas baby shower.
that was actually fun. i met a few new girls
there and they are pretty nice and sweet.
congratulations again chelsea! ♥

well thats basically it...idk
just comment

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i really like what [[you've]] done to me ♥ [08 Mar 2006|07:50am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Not really much to update about.
just been playin basketball at Joe Dumars a lot
& hanging out with my friends & wonderful boyfriend

things are actually the opposite of what i thought
they were going to be between me & him.. but im
glad i was wrong...:)

i cant wait till friday:)

well... nothing much else to say
but hows everyone else doin??


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BaBy yOu sHouLD LeT mE [[LoVe]] YoU ♥ [28 Feb 2006|11:23am]
[ mood | awake ]

Sittin in Newspaper right now, next to lovely Sandra!

Yeah ..I think i have to go up north this weekend, which blows
cuz i dont wanna go.. but im tryin to see if i can stay
with sandra at her house for the weekend.. gives me more freedom
and i get to hang out with her:) .. but while shes at work Im
ganna go visit Alvin. & im introducing them to eachother, cuz
I need to make sure she thinks hes a good guy. Cuz shes always
been right bout my previous boyfriends..or guys that ive talked
to.. but i just never listen..and i find out the hard way.
But im like 99.9% positive that she'll like & approve!

Sooo yeah, theres no way i can go up north.. lol she has to meet
him and i have to have a good weekend with one of my best friends/&boyfriend!

..Still playing basketball... bout 3-4 times a week. which is awesome & i
love it. ..yesterday i went up to the high school for a couple hours
and played and shot around with Chelsey.. ive missed her.. We fell apart
when i was dating my ex.. and now we are starting to build back our
friendship.. Yeah i had to do that with everyone, cuz everyone hated me
when i was with him, but they had every reason too.. im just soo
happy thats over with now.:):):)

well im ganna go to lunch.

[[I mIsS AlViN]]..a lot.
(i get to see him tomorrow)

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Your the only one, who makes me smile..for absolutely no reason [25 Feb 2006|10:35pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Its Official

Jessica && Alvin

Lets see if i picked a good
one this time...

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Shes Poppin shes rollin, shes rollin <33 [22 Feb 2006|01:01pm]
[ mood | bored ]

not a lot goin on with me lately..
just been playing basketball at joe dumars
and im kinda talkin to this kid AL...
but i dont get to see him till saturday:(

my winter break was pretty fun
besides the fact that im ganna beat the shit
outta kaite muirs ass. im so done with that
stupid bitch runnin her mouth.. but shes
scared and wont fight me.. shes gettin it tho.
trust me.

today im going to hang out with TJ for a lil bit
then im goin to the game at mt.clemens to tape.
...hope its not a blow out .lol

tomorrow im pretty sure i have to tape some meeting @7:00
im not sure for what but its either uptown or at marine city
..not ganna be fun at all... && im pissed cuz i wanted to go
visit jon with sandra today.. (i wish i never woulda signed up
for tv studio.. its sooo time consuming)

&& this weekend shall be fun.. i have to coach my biddy ball team
but its our last game:(:( .. then im ganna hang out with AL
and on sunday im goin to Joe Dumars with Kisha!

hope my weekend is as fun as i planned it to be.

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I TALKED TO CHAUNCEY BILLUPS<333 [17 Feb 2006|12:08am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

soooo me and sarah went to joe dumars today and we saw CHAUNCEY BILLUPS THERE!!!!! he was watchin his boy play on the 5 on 5 court...for the mens league &
he had like 6 of the security gurds from joey ds by him..and i was talkin to one of them and seein if they could get me an autograph and there like no he dont wanna be bothered..so i was like ok..so me n my girl sarah hooped for a lil while longer and then we were bout to leave and he was walkin out the back way and me and sarah booked it out the front and walked past him like 2 ft from him and i was like good luck this weekend chauncey and hes like thank you sweetie thank you



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Cheaa [16 Feb 2006|10:48am]
[ mood | anxious ]

well havent updated in a while....
been a busy gal.

so ive been focusing on basketball a lot.
i go to joe dumars and play there bout
3 times a week. at least.. i try for 4 tho.
things are going well with that.
and i think im starting to get a lot better
and that i can play with the guys' better too.

im not really talking or dating anyone right now
because ive been just focusing on basketball.
but i still go out on weekends with diff. guys
and my girl friends and just gave a good time
& im soo happy with all that now.
i have more fun than ive ever had before
life is treating me great.
and i dont need a boyfriend, they just cause stress

My friends = GREAT!
i ♥ Sandra & Kisha the most.

anyways im bout to go to lunch..
i shall update in a day or soo
comments <33

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[08 Feb 2006|11:47am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

1. I love Basketball
2. I*m single (& i <33 it)
3. My fav. color is blue
4. My two best friends are Sandra & Kisha
5. I*m 5 foot 7
6. My birthday is the best day to have your bday on (new years eve)
7. I like Peanut M&M's better than the other kinds..
8. I want to lose 10 pounds
9. I wanna play basketball for any college that asks me
10. I have been pulled over 8 times
11. I talk about the most random things
12. Dancing is something i love<33
13. I am too boy crazy
14. My favorite movie is Love & Basketball (duh)
15. I drive a '92 Lumina with no hubcaps
16. My favorite starburst is cherry
17. Michael Jordan is my idol (& i will meet him one day)
18. Ne-Yo ..is becoming my new favorite singer
19. I*ve had 4 different surgerys
20. I love Almonds
21. I entered myself into the Pickeral Tournament Queen Pagent
22. I try to make school exciting
23. Im going to Europe in July for Basketball
24. I love going to Joe Dumars to hoop
25. I want to be a massace/physical therapist
26. Im getting an apartment with Sandra & Kisha when we graduate
27. I have been to 4 pistons games ( 1 more coming soon:))
28. I like singing even tho i suck at it
29. Im very outspoken
30. I love meeting new people...
31. Im terribly bad at math
32. I have one younger sister and one older brother
33. Rollercoasters excite me
34. <--Hey thats my basketball number
35. I always pick the guys that hurt me
36. I made up a rap.. & there are more to come
37. I love purses
38. I hate cold weather
39. I hate stuck up people
40. I hate when people try to tell me how to drive
41. I want some new black jordans
42. Black guys seem more into me than white ones.
43. I dont get ready for school
44. I have a nextel
45. Pull n peel twizlers are better than the plain ones
46. I would have probably did something for the talent show, but i was afraid people would laugh.
47. I coach 3rd/4th & 8th grade girls biddy ball
48. I want to become a Girls Varsity Basketball coach someday
49. My basketball team won our league this year!!!
50. I-Pods are over-rated
51. Jewelry and accessories are something i love
52. I dont like two-faced people
53. I hate how one of my friends has completely changed, and we fell apart
54. I love "Im in luv with a stripper" by T-Pain
55. I also love "So Sick" by Ne-Yo
56. Oh and I love "Yo" by Chris Brown
57. I think Chris Brown is the next Usher
58. I need to go see the movie Glory Road before i shoot someone
59. I like fist fighting lol
60. I am not looking forward to my basketball season next year, cuz i dont really like some of the girls on
the team ..cuz i feel as if they always talk about me

im stopping at 60 cuz the bell just rang.
to be continued...

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Im in luv with a stripper [06 Feb 2006|12:03pm]
Recap on my weekend::

Friday- went with sarah and kisha and rachel to the
new haven/st.clair basketball game. it was pretty fun

Saturday- went with Jen to Joe Dumars!! had ohh so much fun
we played soo good..i cant wait till i go with her again
earlier that day we had to coach our biddy ball teams too
we always lose..but we make the best of it.

sunday- stayed home all day..caught up on some sleep
and watched the superbowl! go steelers!!! i also went to
blockbust twice! i rented four brothers..that movie
was soooo good. its definantly one of my favorites!!

today- im going to joe dumars..sandra is coming with
but she is leaving me for a little bit to hang out with
heather and robyn.i cant blame her tho.. its pretty boring
just to watch. and were ganna do other stuff..lol

well thats about it
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Im in luv with a stripper [03 Feb 2006|11:56am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

so im in newspaper right now..
pretty gay i must say..

uhm nothing to much going on
going to the new haven basketball
game later with sarah and kisha
shall be fun!!

uhm so i made up this rap.
and i think that it is pretty neat.
i just might post it a little later

yah me sarah kisha jen and possible
aubin and stacy are ganna do this
league at joe dumars.... its ganna be
soo fun. i love it there

yah ..so im done with guys
not really ..but im done letting myself
get hurt... i always do this to myself
thus i am retarded...
boys confuse me...

note to self::
*listen to sandra when she tells me which
guys are the good ones and which are the bad
*Spalding is my boyfriend...so dont try to
talk to other guys.

okay well im done...
comments <33

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& i gatta admit that u got my attention, ya makin me wanna say "yo" [30 Jan 2006|09:31pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

yeah nothin to much goin on right now
dont feel like updating much
but thought id write a little something

AAU...well sucks..cuz i think yesterday
was our last tourney cuz everyone has to
be gay and not go to any practices and
no one wants to coach us... its like wtf

& i cant move my body like at all cuz i
played 3 games straight and didnt sit..
cuz we only had 6 girls..yah what a team we have..

but me and kisha wanna get a team for joe
dumars..but that costs a lotta money..
its stressful..i just wish basketball
was free and i could do it whenever i want

uhhmm Kisha & Sandra are like my best friends
i dont like that term "best friends"
but they truley are! i love them..♥ x 238498

thats all im updating bout..

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Some Survey ♥ [23 Jan 2006|03:25pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

1) Fifth grade teacher's name: Mrs. Stubbs
2) Last words you said: me
3) Last song you sang: "One Call Awa
4) Last person you hugged: Jamar
5) Last time you cried: last sunday at AAU
6) Last time you said I don't remember: I dont remember.. haha
7) Last person you had a fight with: My mom
8) Are you still fighting with them: Nopw
9) What color socks are you wearing: white
10) What's under your bed right now: basketball shiiit
11) What time did you wake up today: 6:45
13) Current hair color: dark brown
14) Current favorite band: Backstreet Boys
15) Current annoyance: My lower stomach
16) Current longing to see: not sure..
17) Current desktop background: pistons schedule
18) Current worry: how my mom is ganna take me telling her i failed the first semester of physics..
19) Current french tip: Im going to Europe in July...does that count?
20) Current favorite article of clothing: my sweatpants im wearing
21) Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: eyes, smile, physique
22) Last CD that you listened to: Mixed R&B
23) Favorite place to be: Away from Algonac
24) Least favorite place: Anywhere but here
25) Time you wake up in the morning: 6:30ish
26) Time you get home from school: 2:30
27) Favorite color: all blues & lime green
28) Do you believe in an afterlife: i guess so
29) Do you believe in God: sometimes
30) Current favorite word/saying: fuuuucckk.
31) Favorite book: dont have one
32) Favorite season: spring
33) One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: wilt chamberlain
34) Have you ever wanted to sleep with "just a friend": uhhh yess
35) Where do you want to go for college: well i think im going to a community college first for basketball ..but it'd be sweet to get accepted to a hugge college.
36) What is your career going to be like: Playing basketball and a massage/physical therapist
37) How many kids do you want: 2
38) Been really really drunk: not in a loonnggg time
39) Said "I love you" and meant it: i dont even know
40) Gotten in a fight with your dog/cat/bird.etc: yeah me and my dog hunter wrestle all the time
41) Been to New York: yah niagra falls
42) Been to Florida: cheea. who hasnt? ..but its beena while
43) Been to California: nope
44) Been to Hawaii: not yet..lol
45) Been to Mexico: no seniorita lol
46) Been to China: ching chong no
47) Been to France: no madame ..(going to holland, europe in july tho)
48) Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: yessir
49) Have you ever made out with anyone who didn't speak ANY english: uhh no lmao
52) Do you have a crush on someone: i have a crush on too many people... im soo boy crazy. lol
54) Worst feeling in the world: you dont even know what i went through. only my close friends
55) What is the first thing you think of when you wake in the morning: fuuccckk
56) How many rings before you answer the phone: like 2 or 3 usually
59) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: duhh ...snuggles ..for like 5 yrs now
69) What are you most scared of: getting a severe injury in basketball
69) What clothes do you sleep in: something basketball and sports bra
70) Who is the last person that called you: my mama
71) Where do you want to get married: outside in nice weather and pretty pedals n flowers
72) If you could change anything about yourself what would that be: my lower stomach n acne
73) Who do you love: my friends. sandra, kisha, sarah, danielle, butta.
74) Been In Love: i dont know
75) Are you timely or always late: gawsh im usually late.. i hate it when ppl are late tho
76) Do you have pets: cheaa my dog hunter :)
77) Do you like being around people: yeah.. i go crazy when i have no one to be around.
78) Best feeling in the world: hoopin
79) Are you for world peace: sure
80) Are you a health freak: i need to be
81) Do you have a "Type" of person you always go for: athletic ..w/nice cavs.. and good personality
84) Ever afraid you'll never get married: no i no i will
85) Do you want to get married: yes
86) Do you want kids: yes


87) cried: no
88) Bought something: yes
89) Gotten Sick: no
90) Sang: Yes
91) Said I Love You?: nope
92) Wanted To Tell Someone You Liked them: no
93) Met Someone New: yes
95) Talked To Someone: Yes.
96) Had A Serious Talk: kinda with Al
97) Missed Someone: ..yeah im always missing someone
98) Hugged Someone: yepp
99) Yelled at Someone: yes
100) Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: dont think so

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& im so sick of love songs, so sad & slow [20 Jan 2006|08:04am]
[ mood | lazy ]

Suppose to be doing my t.v. studio exam right now
but i cant think of anything else to type.

yeah so im still sick.
i have my voice which is good
but i keep sneezing and coughing like no other.
and the back of my throat hurts.
but ill be okay

//cuz imma soldier!\\

im so excited its already friday!
this week flew by fast.
but last week, was seriously the
longest week of my life!!

well im done for now.
comments ♥

p.s. listen to "so sick" by neyo.
it is like the best song ever!

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who knows [17 Jan 2006|11:03pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

since saturday
basically everything has sucked.

a few examples:

-was ditched
-lost every game at my AAU tourney
-got kicked out of my 2nd game(almost thrown outta the rest of the tourney)
-got kicked outta 6th hr today (substitute)
-john reiss made me cry on the bus ride home today
-getting sick, i have like no voice left
-butta left..for a while
-so stressed out, that i break down & cry
-exams start tomorrow. & im ganna fail all of them
-i feel like im just going nowhere right now
& im making stupid choices..

idk...thats some of the things since sat.
that i have been stressin bout
yah.....life sucks


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Lie.2.Me.Tell.Me.I*m.Beautiful. [12 Jan 2006|10:40am]
[ mood | geeky ]

yessir im in 4th hour.(Newspaper)
just finished my two stories..
waiting to recieve them back for corrections.

Today is going by fast, & easy.
& i love it. I love days like this
I wish it was always like this..

So my busy weekend is coming up
..starts tomorrow. & i cant wait
I love when i have things to look
forward too! ..i hate not doing anything.

Friday-Tape Basketball Game @ Capac.
I'll be home around 11...then going to bed

Saturday- waking up at 8a.m. ... coaching
biddy ball till 12. then going home
cleaning, getting ready & hopefully
leaving at about 5 o'clock..so id be out
at Al's by 6. we're going to see glory road
(which is ganna be fricken awesome) and then
me n al are either going to some party or
going back to his house with his friends
and watching movies and just hanging out
staying the night out there.. but then
waking up at 7 a.m. on sunday morning

Sunday- FIRST AAU TOURNEY!!! im sooo freakin
excited! ..but omg..Jackie Highstreet tore her
ACL ..which sucks soo bad cuz shes like one
of our best girls..and she's our center. i cried
when i found out too..
our first game is at 8:30..gatta be there at 8.
then we have two more games at like 11 and 1:30
...i cant wait!! .. and i hope sandra n jon
still go... but they probably wont want to.

well thats about it i suppose..
im ganna eat my twizlers now.

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AAU ♥ [10 Jan 2006|08:10am]
[ mood | anxious ]

In first hour..
we're not doing anything
so i thought id update

i dont really feel good right now
..i feel like im ganna get sick
& i dont know why..
i had an orange and some water
..but maybe i need to eat more
i better feel good by 4 oclock.
cuz i get to go see Al:)
and hang out with my girlys!!

Yeah im ganna go home and clean and
then go to sandras help her clean and
then we are ganna get ready, to go to
Alberts game!! im so excited...im making
him a shirt next hour. well im wearing it
to his game, but it represents him and his
number, yeah i hope it looks sa-weet!!
im driving, and me and sandra are ganna
pick up maybe danielle if she decides to go
and then kisha and rachel. its ganna be fun
all of us hanging out!!

yeah...but im even more excited about this sat.
im leaving here at like 5, im ganna drop off
sandra somewhere in madison heights and then im
going to see Al and we are going to see that new
basketball movie, "Glory Road"..omg its ganna be
soooo good!! and then we are going to some party,maybe
and after that we are coming back to his house and
watching basketball and scary movies, till we fall
asleep.. im staying the night at his house and i have
a tournament at troy athens on sunday...

My first AAU tournament is on sunday, and im soooo
incredibly happy! i love AAU, and i missed it soo much!
our first game is at 8:30.. so that means i have to leave
Al's at like 7.. so i have enough time to go pick up Sandra
and be at my tourney by 8. yesss this is ganna be soo
much friggen fun. gawsh.. three days im looking forward too
which is totally sweet, cuz im never looking forward to
do anything.

okay well i think im done now.
but just leave me some comments
cuz i ♥ you, and you ♥ me

<333 HaCK

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